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Supporting your long-term goals throughout retirement.

Comprehensive wealth management near Jacksonville, FL and surrounding regions.

Ranked 12th on the CNBC’s 2023 Financial Advisor 100 list

The CNBC Financial Advisor 100 List ranks and recognizes wealth management firms throughout the United States with a methodology that factors in total assets under management, number of years in business, regulatory/compliance record, and more (disclosure).

Risk-Averse, Goal-Focused &
Multi-Generational Wealth Management

Ensuring your investments align with your long-term goals in retirement can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With a variety of investment options, it can be difficult to determine which are appropriate for your individual risk tolerance and situation. This is in addition to the stress of ensuring your families’ financial needs are met, understanding the tax implications of your investment decisions, and ensuring your financially security throughout retirement. Working with a local and comprehensive wealth management firm can help.

Our investment team uses a time-tested investment strategy that uses individual securities for greater control. With over 35 years of experience, our team is accustomed to navigating complex economic environments and market cycles. Individuals and families that work with our team can expect goal-oriented strategies focused on their financial future. In addition, portfolios are customized to each individual clients’ risk tolerance.

Godsey & Gibb offers wealth management near Jacksonville, FL. In addition, our wealth management team is experienced in helping clients throughout the United States. Whether you are in Jacksonville, Florida or anywhere else in the U.S., our advisors can help.

About our Wealth Management Services

Godsey & Gibb offers fee-only investment advisory services. While our firm initially began as an investment advisory firm in 1985, we have since expanded to provide comprehensive wealth management services to fulfill the growing needs of our clients. As a comprehensive wealth management firm, our suite of services is intended to complement our time-tested investment strategies. This means that in addition to our Wealth Management Advisors, our team includes Tax Advisors (CPAs) and Financial Planning Advisors. Our comprehensive wealth management services are customizable to each client’s needs and are focused on the long-term.

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We support clients who have accumulated various levels of wealth, have differing levels of financial knowledge, and of whom are focused on a variety of long-term goals. What our clients have in common is a shared desire to work with a Wealth Management Advisor who is focused on achieving long-term goals and not risky investments. Most of our clients fit within the following:

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All ages (predominantly 50+)

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$500k – $20M+

Wealth Management Near Jacksonville, FL

Our Wealth Management Advisor, Kevin Riley, is located in Jacksonville, FL to support our clients local to the area. Whether you prefer to meet with an advisor from the comfort of your own home or in our advisor’s office space, they are available to meet with you. Beyond client meetings, our wealth management team prepares monthly newsletters and hosts client webinars that cover the state of the economy, tax strategies, and more. If you’re looking for wealth management near Jacksonville, Florida and are interested in additional information, contact our team to schedule a meeting with our Jacksonville, FL Wealth Management Advisor.

Goal-Oriented Wealth Management

Our team is focused on goal-oriented and risk-averse investment strategies that use hand-selected companies and customized portfolios for greater control. Our investment decisions are informed by 35+ years of experience navigating complex markets. 


Our Wealth Management Advisory Team

Comprehensive Wealth Management fOCUSED ON Your Long-Term Goals

Our in-house team of Wealth Management Advisors, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, and CPAs provide our clients with comprehensive wealth management. As a wealth management company on its second generation of family leadership, we understand the importance of family. As a fiduciary, we are required to act with our clients’ best interest. Our family-focused wealth management considers each clients’ family, individual needs, legacy, and goals in every financial decision. Whether you are looking for wealth management near Jacksonville, FL or across the southeast, our team is here to help.


The following articles answer popular questions our advisors are asked in relation to wealth management. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions related to your individual situation.