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Planning for retirement and managing an investment strategy by yourself can be challenging. The time, effort, and knowledge required to leverage your investment portfolio to achieve your goals can be overwhelming.

Our firm has been helping individuals and families with their investments for over 35 years, and can leverage this experience to reduce the time you spend worrying about your finances, to give you more time to make memories with those you care about.



  • A financial plan that realistically lays out goals and expectations (completed by our in-house Financial Planners who are CFP® professionals)
  • A risk-averse investment strategy to help fund your goals
  • A tax strategy to manage your tax burden (completed by our in-house CPAs)
  • Estate planning assistance to help ensure your assets will pass efficiently to your heirs


Please let us know if you have any questions about our firm or our services. One of our Wealth Management Advisors would be happy to assist you.

  • A time-tested investment strategy that uses individual securities for greater control
  • Comprehensive services that take your entire financial picture and goals into account
  • A team experienced in navigating various market cycles and economic environments
  • Goal-oriented strategies that use risk-averse philosophies to protect your financial future
  • A custom portfolio utilizing a mixture of growth equity, income equity, and fixed income strategies
  • Access to your entire wealth management team
  • Regular communication, transparency, and honesty

We work with individuals and families in multiple phases of life with a wide array of financial goals and various levels of wealth. While we work with clients of all ages, our clients are predominately over 50 years old with assets starting at approximately $500k to over $20M with our firm. The constant,  is our clients desire to work with an advisor to achieve their goals while protecting their assets. This is why our investment strategies are goal-oriented and risk-averse, not on making risky moves in an attempt to outperform the market while potentially sacrificing your financial security. As a fiduciary, it is our responsibility to operate in our client’s best interest.


Our goal is to reduce the time you spend thinking about your finances and to give you more time to make memories and build your legacy. As a company on its second generation of family leadership, we understand the importance of family and strive to earn our clients’ trust in that we consider their goals, family, and legacy in each financial decision.


While our business was founded over 35 years ago with a focus on asset management, we have since expanded into comprehensive wealth management to meet the growing needs of our clients and their families. This means that in addition to investment portfolio management, we also offer tax services, financial planning, and more. Everything we do is in our clients’ best interest – even when it is telling them that they are financially able to take their dream vacation, retire, or start spending the very money we manage. In order to do this, we develop personal relationships with our clients and their families to craft individualized strategies that achieve their goals.

While every client has different goals, some of the most common goals we help our clients achieve include:

  • Financial security in retirement
  • Taking care of family
  • Saving for education
  • Traveling the world
  • Creating generational wealth
  • Completing philanthropic efforts

Not sure how to invest?

We offer goal-oriented investment management services, with custom portfolios built using hand-selected stocks and bonds.


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