Investment Management

At Godsey & Gibb, we respect the uniqueness of each client’s investment needs and expectations.

The portfolio management process focuses on the investment goals and objectives of each individual client. We want to have a clear understanding of your risk tolerance, expectations for capital growth as well as your need for income. With that understanding, we work with you to establish an investment objective that will serve as our guide in the construction and ongoing management of your portfolio. We are a moderately conservative management firm, focusing first and foremost on preservation of capital. With this in mind, we work to structure your portfolio in a manner that best meets your needs.

After we have established your goals and investment objectives, we will begin active management of your investments. In keeping with our risk-averse philosophy, we will take a gradual approach to fully investing your portfolio, taking into consideration many factors including market conditions and the current structuring of your portfolio.

We will communicate regularly, through quarterly reports, market commentary, and periodic meetings. Investment decision-makers are always accessible should you have any questions about your portfolio. We want you to understand not just what investment decisions we made, but why we made them. As your needs and goals change over time we work with you to modify your investment objectives to be consistent with those life changes, then restructure your portfolio accordingly.