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Charitable Giving Strategy

Strategic Philanthropy

Many of our clients have a desire to give back to their community or causes that they care deeply about through philanthropic efforts. Our team of CPAs, CFP® professionals, and Wealth Management Advisors work with our clients to understand their charitable goals, set up trusts, and develop plans and strategies to complete these efforts while protecting their financial security in retirement and helping our clients achieve their desired impact. 

    Why is it important to have a strategy for charitable giving?

    When deciding to pursue philanthropic efforts, it is important to consider the tax implications. If you’re not strategic, your philanthropic efforts can have a significant effect on your tax burden instead of maximizing the benefits of your efforts by reducing your tax burden. Our Wealth Management Advisors and Tax Advisors can work with you to understand your philanthropic goals and to create a plan of action that benefits all parties involved.

    Is it better to give to charity throughout my life, or through my will?

    While it can be intimidating to give philanthropically and reduce the assets you rely on throughout retirement, giving to charity throughout your lifetime can be more beneficial from a tax perspective (income deduction) and also provide additional gratification. A Financial Plan can help you understand what funds you’re able to give while maintaining your desired lifestyle in retirement. For additional information on charitable giving strategy, please reach out to one of our advisors.


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