Financial Planning

At Godsey & Gibb, we respect the uniqueness of each client’s investment needs and expectations.

We feel that having a financial road map in place is critical to success. We prepare a broad-based financial plan after careful consideration of your current financial condition, and financial goals. The plan will include a statement of your short- and long-term financial objectives, an analysis of both investment and non-investment risks, as well as the tools that are available to manage those risks.

An ongoing commitment is key to the success of any financial plan. We will be available on an ongoing basis to assist you, by answering questions, taking necessary actions and making recommendations regarding financial matters. We will formally review your plan periodically, and make adjustments should any significant changes take place.

Once your plan is in place, we will employ a collaborative approach to implement it. We will work with both our internal wealth management team and your other advisors (CPAs, attorneys, etc.) to work towards your financial goals.


Risk Management

We address both portfolio specific (i.e. portfolio diversification and investment monitoring), and non-investment specific risks (i.e. disability, long-term care expenses, unexpected death, etc.).

Retirement Planning

We provide advice and direct management of qualified retirement plans, and review current and future income needs. We help you categorize your expenses between wants or needs to better assess the probability of a successful retirement.

Education Planning

We aid in determining efficient methods of providing for private school or college funding.

Estate Planning

We assist estate attorneys in developing wills, trusts, etc. that meet your goals and ensure that wealth transfers efficiently to your heirs in accordance with your wishes.

Cash Flow

We develop detailed cash flow and debt analysis to ensure that financial resources are being utilized in an efficient way.

Tax Planning

Tax preparation and planning may be provided separately by our in-house CPA and team of tax professionals.

Business Planning

We offer business consulting services, including business succession planning.


We provide guidance on the different ways charitable goals can be met both during life as well as in your estate.