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Godsey & Gibb provides comprehensive wealth management in and near Greenville, SC.

Ranked 12th on CNBC’s 2023 Financial Advisor 100 list

This list recognizes and ranks wealth management firms throughout the United States based on a methodology that factors total assets under management, number of years in business, regulatory/compliance record, and more (disclosure).

Risk-Averse, Multi-Generational
Wealth Management Focused on your goals

Managing your investments in a way that matches your long-term goals can be challenging. Navigating the various investment options and their associated risks can be confusing. Working with a wealth management firm can help you spend less time worrying about your finances and more time making memories with those you care about.

Godsey & Gibb Wealth Management has over 35 years of experience working with individuals in or nearing retirement navigate fluctuating economic environments. Our time-tested investment strategy features individual securities for greater control. Each client portfolio is managed in-house and customized to match the client’s risk tolerance and long-term goals. Our team uses a goal-oriented and risk-averse philosophy focused on helping you maintain financial security in retirement. In addition, as a firm on its second generation of leadership, we understand the importance of family and can assist with multi-generational wealth management.

While we provide wealth management near Greenville, SC, our team of advisors also work with individuals and families across the country.

Wealth Management Services

Godsey & Gibb Wealth provides comprehensive wealth management to meet the growing needs of our clients. As a comprehensive wealth management firm, we offer a variety of services to complement our time-tested investment strategy. In addition to Wealth Management Advisors, our team includes Tax Advisors (CPAs) and Financial Planning Advisors. We tailor our services to each client’s unique situation and long-term goals.

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Our advisors work with clients spanning various stages in life with a variety of financial goals. Whether you have a deep knowledge of investments or are looking for complete guidance, our wealth management team is able to assist you. Our advisors provide comprehensive wealth management tailored to your needs that considers your long-term goals. Most of our clients fit within the following:

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All ages (predominantly 50+)

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$500k – $20M+

Wealth Management Near Greenville, SC

While Godsey & Gibb provides wealth management to clients across the country, we have an office located in Greenville, SC. Our advisors regularly travel to our clients, providing convenient wealth management from the comfort of home. In addition, our advisors host clients at our multiple office locations. Beyond meeting with clients individually, we keep clients informed through monthly newsletters and annual webinars. If you are looking for wealth management near Greenville, SC, contact our team to schedule a meeting with an advisor to see if we may be the right fit for you.

Our Greenville, SC wealth management office is located at 40 West Broad Street, Suite 350, Greenville, SC 29601.

Goal-Oriented Wealth Management

Our team concentrates on goal-oriented, risk-averse investment strategies that feature hand-selected equities for greater control. As we focus on long-term goals, our team is focused on owning good companies rather than just good stocks. In addition, our client portfolios are tailored to each client’s individual situation and are managed in-house. 


Our Wealth Management Advisory Team

Comprehensive Wealth Management for Your Long-Term Financial Goals

Our in-house team of Wealth Management Advisors, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, and CPAs provide a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Our custom services prioritize client needs, keeping clients informed with consistent communication and transparency. We consider our clients’ long-term goals with each financial decision whether they are related to their family, legacy, or lifestyle. In addition, as a fiduciary, we are required to make decisions in our clients’ best interest. If you are looking for wealth management near Greenville, SC or near any of our other locations, we are available to help.


The following articles answer popular questions our advisors are asked in relation to investment management, financial planning, tax strategy and more. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions related to your individual situation.