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Should I keep my life insurance after I retire?

Should I keep my life insurance after I retire?

Life insurance serves an essential purpose during your peak earning years. Providing financial support for your loved ones in the event of a premature demise is incredibly valuable. Later in life, the question becomes, “should I keep my life insurance policy?” The answer, like most financial advice, is “It depends.” This article provides general guidance when considering your policy.

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Wealth Management is more than investment management. It considers the larger picture. While your investments are critical to your success throughout retirement, it is also important to understand how your taxes, finanical plan, estate, and insurance can affect both your overall situation. Do you know when you should begin collecting social security to maximize its benefit? Have you followed the necessary steps to help your assets pass efficiently to your heirs, avoiding probate? If 529 plans are applicable to you, have you considered 529 plan superfunding or how to maximize 529 plan tax advantages? Our wealth management Q&As consist of popular topics among our clients and are not limited to investment management.