Getting Started

The personal relationship we build with our clients helps us craft an investment strategy well suited to their life goals.

Godsey & Gibb currently serves clients in over 20 states and the District of Columbia.

We start with you

Your meetings with us are dynamic. We will discuss your specific situation, develop a clear understanding of your objectives and learn more about you. Together, we will create a plan which will set out your short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals, your growth and income needs, as well as your tolerance for risk. Our team of investment professionals will work together to develop an investment strategy to meet your individual needs. After these discussions, we will draft a document outlining your investment objectives, which will provide a framework for the structure of your portfolio. This process will allow us to implement your tailored investment strategy, and to work towards your long-term financial goals.

We focus on what’s most important

Your advisor invests time getting to know you, your financial goals, and the hopes you and your family have for the future. This allows us to craft an investment strategy that is appropriate for your overall needs.