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How do I get started?

We advise clients in more than 20 states across the USA and currently have offices in South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia.

However, to best direct your inquiry, please contact our Richmond office via e-mail or phone by clicking this link.


Do you get commissions from the products you recommend?

No, at Godsey & Gibb we charge a flat fee based on a percentage of the assets we are managing for you. This means our success is tied to your success.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes, we are legally required to put clients’ interests first.

Do you have an account minimum?

Yes, because of the high level of customization, and the fact that we have a portfolio manager personally review each and every account, our account minimum is set at $500,000.

Do you have authority to make withdrawals?

No, we do not have authority to make withdrawals except in cases where clients want our fee deducted directly from their accounts. As part of our contract we’ll ask you to sign a limited power of attorney. This restricts our authority to making investment decisions at our discretion.

If you are managing my account, can I still make my own trades in my account?

While working with Godsey & Gibb, you will always maintain full access and control over your account. However, we strongly discourage making trades on your own, as we carefully construct portfolios in a way that we think will give you the best chance of reaching your financial goals while minimizing risk. Making trades in your own account can potentially upset this balance, and lead to disruptions in the portfolio management process.

Do you charge for individual stock / ETF trades?

No, Godsey & Gibb is a fee only advisor. We will only make trades that we think will have a positive impact on your portfolio.

Do you day trade?

No, we invest in strong companies with good fundamentals at reasonable prices. Because of this, we have generally low portfolio turnover and long holding periods for the companies we buy. Our average holding period is over five years.

Do you prefer fundamental or technical based analysis?

Our decision making process is driven primarily by fundamental analysis. We supplement that with technical analysis as we believe market prices are driven by a combination of fundamental and technical factors.

Are broker fees included in your fee?

No, Godsey & Gibb fees are separate and distinct from the fees or commissions you may be paying to your broker.