James McIntosh


James began consulting to Godsey & Gibb Wealth Management during early 2013 to facilitate the firm’s transition following Frank Gibb’s retirement. He was appointed full-time in January 2017.

James began his career in 1979 as an economist reporting to a board of directors including CEOs and civil servants, and has continued to work as an advisor to senior executives ever since. In 1990 he co-founded a niche strategy and executive effectiveness consulting firm in Cape Town, South Africa. His assignments have included the successful rescue of a clothing chain with 185 stores in 5 countries, and a brief stint as interim CEO and then appointment to the board of directors for 4 years of an industrial holding company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. During his career of more than 30 years, James has consulted to executives in industries including: advertising and branding; housing construction; information technology; medical; municipal and county services; merchant shipping; non-profit; oil; professional services; and retail.

James arrived in the USA in 2002. Many of his USA clients are classified as small, medium and non-profit. However, he has provided long-term executive and leadership coaching services to senior managers and vice presidents within the the financial services industry, and completed assignments for a Fortune 200 company based in Richmond.

James holds a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Economics from University of Pretoria, South Africa, an Honors in Business and Administration and an MBA from University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.