Our Mission

We leverage our knowledge and experience to guide our clients through unpredictable financial markets.

At Godsey & Gibb, knowing our clients on a personal basis allows us to create investment strategies that reflect their goals. We understand their needs for growth and income, as well as their tolerance for risk. We are responsive to how life changes affect those plans, and we strive to do what is in our clients’ best interests to achieve long-term success for themselves and for their families.

Enduring Relationships

Our goals are to build long-term relationships and to be connected to our clients beyond their investments. We strive to provide comfort and stability for our clients and their families as they prepare for life’s transitions in an ever-changing world.

Trusted Counsel

We believe that successful investing involves the management of risk rather than the management of returns. We leverage our knowledge and experience to guide our clients through financial markets that are unpredictable, and we do this with an uncompromising commitment to honesty and integrity.

Beyond the Money

We value personal relationships with our clients. When a client visits our office they meet our entire team; when they call they speak directly to a member of our staff. We are happy to meet with clients anywhere they feel comfortable; whether it be in our office, over dinner, or around their kitchen tables.